Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec
  • 08 Sep 2017
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How to boost better brand recognition

Brand recognition allows potential consumers to recognise who a company is just by looking at the logo, motto or symbol. An easy example is Nike – when we see that tick anywhere, we instantly think sports and understand which brand it is.

If your brand is not recognised yet in the same way – even if it just locally – it’s a good idea to carefully consider what the reason could be. Here are a few ideas on how to boost better brand recognition for your business.  

Be memorable for your service

Most people use Amazon for the competitive prices and incredible next day delivery. Providing this memorable service where it’s easy to receive and order items can do masses to boost your brand. Make sure your postage options are varied, and couriers are trained to leave parcels in safe places if no one is at home.

Equally, if consumers wish to make returns or complaints, make the process as smooth and efficient for them as possible. This not only means posting items back to the warehouse but also training staff taking telephone complaints to always be professional and understanding to the consumer, no matter how difficult they are.

Keep a blog

To capture the attention of your target audience, it’s imperative you write consistent content that appeals to them. Blogging builds traffic if you do this regularly, with studies showing that blogs with 16 or more posts per month receive up to 30% more traffic than weekly posting blogs.

Your content also needs to be positive and motivational to get the most shares on social media. Also, according to SEMrush: “Research shows that re-sharing old posts can boost engagement by up to 686 percent!” So don’t be afraid to re-post your older blog posts, just check they’re still relevant for that moment in time before you hit the share button.

Use clothing to your advantage

T-shirts are great promotional tools whether you have employees wearing branded work clothing or you send out free statement t-shirts with your products. For example, you could get creative and think up a funny pun that is relevant to your brand to have emblazoned across the front of your t-shirts - the more memorable the better.

Or, you could just go down the smart logo route; it’s up to you! However, it’s key to remember that t-shirts and other branded clothing make great marketing weapons that are surprisingly cheap to order in bulk too.

Have a story

Consumers want more than a brand these days, they want to know who the people are behind the company, what their story is and why they should buy into it. As Forbes contributor Sharon Michaels says: “Your Internet clients and customers, as with all clients and customers, want to know, like and trust you. I believe your target market needs to accept you as the person behind the brand before they will buy what you are offering.”

So take Sharon’s advice, and develop a story that talks to the hearts of your consumers.