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Building a Sector-Leading Employer Brand to Attract the Top Talent

Daryl Maitland, Head of OD, Cafcass

In 2010, Cafcass was declared ‘not fit for purpose’ by the Public Accounts Committee, and was failing in its remit to represent children going through the family court system; high sickness rates, low compliance from staff and ineffective use of technology was crippling the organisation.  Four years later, following its first national inspection by Ofsted, Cafcass has been assessed as ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ national leadership.

As part of the transformation Cafcass has revolutionised its approach to recruitment, by moving the entire process online and building a strong employer brand to attract and retain the top talent in the sector.  This case study with practical advice and takeaways will cover:

  • Using online tools effectively to improve your employer brand to attract the top talent;
  • Building and implementing an e-recruitment strategy from scratch to save time and money;
  • Designing an innovative online assessment to ensure the most important skills are being tested.