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Entry Information

Please make sure that you read through all of the information below before beginning the entry process:

Who can enter?

The awards are open to entries from the entire recruitment community.

Why enter?

  • For the prestige of winning an award and the opportunity to use Onrec Awards branding as an endorsement – logos are produced for all winners and finalists.
  • Stand out in the world of professional recruitment.
  • Build commercial and professional respect and boost business profile.
    Be credited as a top performer in recruitment.
    Improve internal morale.
    Make your company more attractive to the top industry players and candidates.
    Play a significant part in the development of the reputation of the recruitment profession.

Entry Tips

The word counts are simply a guideline, but please ensure that your entries are as concise as possible by, for example, using bullet points if necessary.

If you are entering multiple categories please complete the relevant Entry Form for each, ensuring that you have tailored the entry specifically to each category.

What will the judges be looking for?

Each entry will be judged on the information provided in the Category Entry Form.

The judges will be looking for proof that you have produced an award-winning entry.

Entry Deadline

The entry deadline is: Monday 14 December 2015

How much does it cost to enter?

The Onrec Awards are free to enter.

For more information email Stuart Gentle