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  • Name: SmartRecruiters
  • Address: US, UK, FR & DE
  • United Kingdom

SmartRecruiters is an end to end Talent Acquisition Suite used by 3000+ companies.

It spans sourcing, recruitment marketing, collaborative hiring, and deep analytics, as well as having productised integrations to 400+ recruiting technologies through its Marketplace. Eliminate tedious manual data entry, automate processes so there's no need to chase interviewers down to get feedback, and make sure all relevant information is available in one system. Give your recruiters day-to-day efficiency to focus more strategically on finding, engaging, and hiring the very best talent.

Q & A
  • Is it easy to integrate with our current system?
    We have integrated over 400 recruiting technologies in our Marketplace and offer seamless synchronisation with your HRIS!
    Will my Hiring Managers use it?
    With eased accessibility, Hiring Managers love using our app on the go!
    What is your approach towards customer relations?
    Your Hiring Success is our success, we prioritise your needs and have a dedicated department to assist you!
    How long will it take to implement?
    Based on your needs as a company, we can implement SmartRecruiters in as little as 4 weeks!