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Since 2003, eSkill has been an expert provider of effective online skills testing for applicant screening and staff training to thousands of companies globally. With more than 4,000 organizations across five continents, eSkill is the product leader in the online skills assessment industry. Our professional skill tests for employment are easily customizable to fit specific job requirements for the highest job relevance and validity.

  • Wide Variety of Tests: 5,000 combinable subjects & subtopics, plus over 600 standard template tests. eSkill’s assessments cover many different job functions and industries, including IT, Retail, Business Administration, Call Centers, Sales, Marketing, Healthcare, and many more. 
  • Highly Customizable Tests: Our large selection of subjects from many subject areas can be combined into customized tests that fit any business needs. You can generate a multi-subject test in seconds, hand-pick your favorite questions, or even upload your own test content.
  • Interactive Simulations: Our custom simulation tests recreate the working environment of computer programs. We’ve developed simulations for multi-tasking, customer service, and commonly used programs like Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and PowerPoint®, that require no test-taker plugins and allow for multiple correct responses. Using our years of simulation crafting experience, we can create custom questions that simulate the programs and visual tasks for any job requirement.
  • Zero Legal Challenges: Our testing platform has a perfect record of compliance since our launch in 2003, and provides quantitative data to make hiring decisions more legally defensible.
  • Free Test Design Consulting and Dedicated Client Success Managers: Our test advisors will make sure clients love their tests and candidates have a positive test experience. Our Client Success Managers will work with every client to make sure they get the benefits they expect.
  • HR System Integrations: The eSkill Application Programming Interface (API) can be fully integrated into any existing applicant database, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Learning Management System (LMS). This gives a greater control over job postings, applications, tests, and test results, helping the recruiter to make the best possible hiring decision based on actual data. 
  • A reliable & pleasant test experience for candidates and trainees – requires nothing but a stock browser