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  • Name: Christine
  • Phone number: 0870 220 2242
  • United Kingdom

StudentSalesForce.com is part of a specialist student and graduate sales, marketing and retail recruitment service which enables us to provide complete solutions for your recruitment requirements.

The StudentSalesForce.com website is the first site to specialise in advertising jobs within the sales, marketing, and retail industries for students and graduates. Throughout their studies students interested in pursuing a career within these industries can use the site to find out about jobs, and placements, that will enable them to gain relevant experience and insight into these industries.

The site is promoted locally and nationally and will not only attract students studying in the relevant area, but those that may be returning home from studying elsewhere to work for the summer vacation. It advertises jobs across the UK such as: Sales Reps, Telesales Execs, Call Centre Staff, Field Sales Advisers, Product Demonstrators, Retail Sales Assistants, Merchandisers, Market Researchers, Media Sales Execs, Leaflet Distributors, Mystery Shoppers, Canvassers and Road Show/Exhibition/Promotions Staff.

Students can find out about these on-going and ad-hoc part-time and seasonal positions throughout their time at college or university. The site is especially effective for employers that may need to target students available at minimum notice. All vacancies are emailed to all suitable candidates on our database as well as being displayed on the website - providing you with instant access to a national sales force!