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  • Name: Alessandro
  • Phone number: +390586580671
  • Address: Via Provinciale di Popogna, 187
  • 57128
  • Livorno
  • United Kingdom

Sercanto is a jobs aggregator powered by an innovative search technology which allows candidates to filter millions of jobs ads sourced by thousands of different sources in 13 countries.

Sercanto was launched in Italy in 2010 as a horizontal aggregator but then the company focused on jobs and started operations in 13 countries, including UK, France, India, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Germany and Spain. Our mission is to facilitate job search to candidates and our algorithms are able to provide unduplicated fresh ads coming for job boards, corporates, job agencies and recruitment companies. Indexing ads in Sercanto is totally free for job boards but it is possible to purchase quality traffic with a cost per click model. Advertisers can have access to a powerful tracking system to monitor and refine their campaigns. Sercanto is visited by 15 millions unique users every month thanks to a comprehensive marketing strategy which includes SEO, SEM, Social Media Advertising, Direct Email marketing and brand building actions. Sercanto is a brand owned by the Wickedin network.