Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Worldclass Launches Edu-Tech App Service, Turning Educational Content Of Any Kind Into Branded Mobile Apps

Worldclass offers users a SaaS solution that turns any type of educational content into an engaging cross-platform mobile learning experience

Worldclass today launched its new educational app development service, custom creating cross-platform learning experiences suited to fast-paced modern life.

Worldclass offers a white label platform that allows educators of all shapes and sizes to instantly launch a sophisticated web and mobile e-learning environment.

Sharing teaching materials via an app provides students with a paper-free, modern way of learning that they can use wherever and whenever they want. Whether on the subway or lying in bed, Worldclass lets students learn on a flexible schedule.

Perfectly suited for exam preparation, language learning, business training or general academic courses, Worldclass can turn any material into an engaging edu-tech experience.

First, educators are provided with their own professional branded mobile app with personalized logo and theme. To add content, whether it’s mathematics revision notes or customer training modules, users import their own content via the admin panel. They can update the materials with ease via the platform, and keep up to date with their students’ progress via the analytics dashboard and user timelines.

Designed with total flexibility in mind, Worldclass’ white label PRO apps can be resold, re-designed or customized in any way the owner sees fit. Users have full creative control of their apps, which are released for download on the Apple iOS Store, Android and Google Play Store.

The app allows integration via API, so even if a company already has an existing LMS or any other e-learning site, they can easily connect and improve their mobile offering.

“If you already have a learning management system, chances are it’s built for the web era and not the mobile era. On the other hand, your learners, whether employees or students, consume all or most of the content via mobile,” said Uri Alexandrovitz, Founder & CEO of Worldclass. “We’re not re-inventing e-learning, but we are enabling educators to deliver content on a branded native mobile app. People spend half their lives with their faces in their smartphones and tablets. At least now they can really benefit from doing so.”

The e-learning market is booming, and it is estimated that between 2017 and 2018, the LMS market will grow by about 23.17%, from $2.65 billion in 2013 to $7.8 billion in 2018.  

Until now, creating an app was not an affordable option for in-house training or smaller academies due to the development costs involved. Worldclass offers clients a range of affordable options, depending on the number of students who will be using the app, making mobile learning for a SME an affordable reality.