Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

The Top 5 Sports Careers For Non-Athletes

Looking to begin a career in sports, but concerned you don’t stand a chance because you aren’t an athlete?

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Coaches and Scoutss

Coaches and scouts both interact with athletes from various sports on a regular basis and may or may not have previously participated in athletics. Coaches are responsible for leading individuals and/or teams of athletes through practices of their particular sport to prepare for games and competitions. Scouts observe and try to recruit athletes to their particular team or organization, which may include offering different types of incentives to the player. Coaches and scouts need a bachelor's degree and knowledge of the sport they work with.

Sports Therapist

Sports therapists work with players to help recognize, prevent, manage injuries and treat them when they occur on or off the field, and rehabilitate them back to full fitness. They are responsible to conduct regular assessments of the fitness level of players and advise on exercises before any match. Sometimes, they also counsel players on their diet and nutrition.

Event Manager

The job of the Event Manager in the sports industry is to organize and plan all the aspects that are involved in hosting a sporting event. Apart from that, you will also need to promote the event. As the Event Manager, you will have to meet the athlete, team, or their representative to discuss all the needs such as the schedule, transportation, security, handling audio-video equipment needs, and accommodation for the media. In some cases, you will also have to function as a liaison between the event facility and the sporting team. Other responsibilities include negotiating contract costs, and ensuring that all the required equipment functions correctly.

Public Relations

The PR representative of an athlete, or the PR department of a sports organization, is responsible for building and protecting the professional image. These professionals ensure that a team and its players are seen in the best light, even when they don’t make the best decisions. You will also be tasked with the job of controlling just how much information is shared about each player. While some players are as personable as they seem, others will present more of a challenge, making this an exciting career opportunity.

Sports Photographer

A Sports Photographer takes photographs of people places and events for media purposes. As a photographer, your responsibility includes documenting sports events, including games, by taking action shots that will then be used in articles. As a sports photographer, you will have erratic hours since you need to be present at events. Plus, you will also be constantly on your feet to get the right shot.