Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

CGI unblocks digital domains for disabled candidates

CGI, one of the world’s largest IT and business consultancies has taken the next step in making the digital landscape more accessible for everyone. They are the latest company to partner with Evenbreak, the UK’s most accessible job board, run for, and by disabled people.

CGI’s UK based job roles will now all be advertised on the Evenbreak platform, helping to attract the very best in disabled talent to the industry. Already known as a forward thinking, insight driven organisation, this new partnership can only serve to bolster CGI’s already 6000 strong network of UK experts, which will benefit their 50,000 worldwide clients.

This is the next stage in an established commitment to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity employment in CGI’s offices. A company always looking to empower its staff to be the best they can be, no matter what their background, experience or heritage.

Reflecting on the new partnership, David Phillips, Recruitment Marketing Director at CGI said:

We know diversity brings a greater variety of ideas, perspectives and experiences to the workplace and it also contributes to a positive environment where all members have the opportunity to thrive. By partnering with Evenbreak we hope to tap in to the wealth of talent that the disabled community has to offer and demonstrate our serious commitment to attracting and recruiting candidates, affected by visible or non-visible disabilities, by showcasing a supportive and caring environment for all.

Jane Hatten, CEO and founder of Evenbreak, said "CGI is a well-respected global tech company, with strong ethics, and Evenbreak is delighted to be working with them to attract talented disabled candidates. Roles with such an established and growing company will be very sought after by the job seekers we represent”.

Candidates keen to join CGI can find suitable opportunities here: