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ONS Labour Market Response from Robert Half

Comment from Phil Sheriden, Senior Managing Director at Robert Half:

“While employment levels remain high, organisations cannot afford to become complacent with their retention efforts.

“High employment often brings challenges for retention and hiring as the availability of skilled talent continues to shrink, further fueling the war for talent. Our research shows that 81 per cent of human resources directors have concerns about losing a top performer, as the competition for talent intensifies.

“As we head into the summer month, maintaining productivity and success hinges on hiring and retaining the right talent -- and keeping them motivated. With rising workloads, a growing talent shortage and workplace digitisation, today’s workforce is ripe for disruption.

“To continue driving productivity rates in the right direction, businesses need to prioritise initiatives designed to boost job satisfaction and retain employees in the long-term. For example, by recognising employee success, giving clear direction and having open communication it’s possible to foster a culture where employees feel pride and appreciation in the workplace, helping create more fulfilled staff that consistently deliver the output the UK economy needs.

“Ultimately, any business is the sum of its parts. Without consistently prioritising employee wellbeing and happiness, organsiations will lose out in the current labour market.”