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Jobseekers earn cash for using replyto.com - 04/2000

New Trend Emerging In The US

Different techniques have been used to attract candidates to job board web sites. Poster adverts, television sponsorship, even bus side campaigns have all been utilised in an attempt to promote a url and bring surfers to a site. The common theme running through these efforts is that they rely on the observer seeing the benefit of taking
the time to access the pages.

In the US, however, the online recruitment market is rather more dynamic than our own. Compeition is in fact so fierce that a new approach has been adopted to try to entice visitors to submit their CV to a particular site. What is this revolutionary technique? Money.

Quite simply, replyto.com, a leading US Job Board, offers sucessful seekers a cash bonus for placing their details online. In fact, replyto claims that it's main mission is to: compensate job hunters for their efforts with a hiring bonus. The theory behind this unique methodoloy is that some compeitor sites charge high fees for taking a CV that leads to a sucessful placement. Whilst the agency and site involved make profit, the candidate gains no immediately tangible financial reward from the process. Seeking to capitalise om this, replyto has launched what it sees as the future of on-line recruitment for high-end positions. But what does this mean for the UK market? Are we likely to see job boards shifting their strategy to offerring cash rewards to job seekers?
Only time will tell.

Online Recruitment would be very interested in hearing opinions on this matter. Are we likely to see this approach catch on in the UK? Does this pose a threat to traditional marketing technique. Please send your letters to the editor at editorial@onrec.com