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Skillsarena expands into US by partnering with The Hire Talent

Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider has announced its partnership with US pre-employment assessment provider; The Hire Talent.

Building a first-class Global Partner Network to support international customers has been recognised as a key step in Skillsarena’s planned business growth. Therefore, by selecting California-based The Hire Talent as its first strategic partner in the United States, Skillsarena has successfully embarked upon another phase of its overseas expansion. 

The Hire Talent focuses on behavioural and competency assessments for a wide variety of roles including leadership, sales, customer service and technical positions. Skillsarena’s assessments complement those of The Hire Talent by offering testing for core skills such as English and Maths, but also job based simulations and options to create specific industry and sector compliance tests.

Jason Pierce, Skillsarena CEO says of the partnership ‘I am excited to embark upon the next phase of our business journey and to work with and share that journey with The Hire Talent team. We look forward to bringing our international clients a broader product range and enhanced level of service and support, to deliver a higher return on investment from their recruitment campaigns and talent management plans.'

Fletcher Wimbush, The Hire Talent CEO commented ‘Human capital is the number one driving factor in business growth, higher sales production, overall productivity and customer loyalty. Our sole desire is to deliver a service that creates significant and measurable growth for our clients’ businesses. By partnering with Skillsarena we will have a greater product offering to improve the client experience.’