Zoniac, Inc.


Zoniac develops a family of web based, out-of- the- box, integrated TOTAL operations solutions to meet the needs of IT services Companies, reflecting end-to-end operations to a fine degree of detail.
The value propositions are:
Significant increase in operational productivity
Real time insight into operational status and results
Flexibility in resources location across continents
A Total Operations System catering to staffing, staff augmentation, IT solution and Prof Servicesí
Includes a robust Time Sheet , Expenses system
Caters to Fixed bid, T&M with industry specific invoicing
Includes Vendor Management System - manage your subcontractors
Allows for different treatment of various types of consultants
Connects your functions, employees, candidates and vendors on a single platform.
Deployed at your site behind your firewall to ensure absolute control on data access
Outlook Interface provides ability to respond rapidly to market needs.
Has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to other systems .

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