Stuart Hirst Limited


Providing a free recruitment media management service to HR professionals. All online and in print media supported in the UK and internationally. Hands-on personal service from experienced professionals. No job too big or too small. Established 1919.

We know when it comes to finding new employees nothing is straightforward. Everything seems last minute, there is never enough budget, then getting approval takes an age… Many HR professionals feel like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you use a recruitment agency it can cost the earth and they seem to take control of everything. Sound familiar? Stuart Hirst Limited has been providing a proven alternative for nearly 100 years. An alternative that leaves you in control AND saves you money. We handle all the media, researching and negotiating great rates, designing eye-catching ads, making sure the correct ad goes in the best place leaving you to do what you do best, interviewing and appointing quality candidates. On line or in print we do it all.

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