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The Latest HR “Tricks” to Attract the Best Candidates

Check the freshest “tricks” recruiters use to attract the best candidates. And try to spot them at the next interview.

Every HR-specialist is aware of the fact that to find a really “precious” candidate for any position is an extremely complicated task. Its successful completion depends on various factors and functions.

However, when there arises the challenge to “bring” a perfect candidate for the company, an HR department is ready to do everything possible and sometimes impossible to succeed, as the experts from papercheap.co.uk have recently found out.

Surely, the success of a hiring campaign largely depends on what kind of personality a recruiter is. The more difficult the task to find a specialist is, the better searching and negotiating skills the recruiter must have, so the more powerful and competent recruiters a company needs.

Such specialists work not with those candidates who send CVs themselves but with those who are completely satisfied and happy with their place and do not even have a thought to seek work. Such candidates are known as “passive” ones.

In this case, the HR-manager’s task is to “sell” a vacancy, i.e. to persuade a candidate to change their current work.

What Is a Matching Technology

HR-managers try everything: special sites, professional recruiting databases, social networks, recommendations of friends, etc. The list has no end.

In the digital era, where IT runs the world, looking for a candidate involving social platforms and tools is a must. Every day there appear new tools and technologies, new ways to find talented employees in social networks, professional communities, and job portals. Let’s speak about those in more details.

The latest and most promising technology is known as matching. Matching may be defined as a combination of data sets obtained from different sources into a single candidate’s profile in order to receive a full picture of the behavior of this particular candidate and use this dataset in the company's interest.

So, the data about your behavior on the Internet just get accumulated. Social networks, analytical agencies, and search engines are able to collect information about your personal interests, geolocation, places you often visit, online shopping, etc.

All this information is analyzed to find the relationship between your social behavior and your real successes in the workplace, as well as to build up the profiles of an "ideal" candidate.

With some technical manipulations recruiters identify how many people from the database have the competencies that are necessary for a certain position.

Some recruiters say that such tool works like a dating platform, such as Tinder and others. It has a lot of advantages as it optimizes the search and saves time and efforts.

The thing is that matching “works” automatically thanks to a special robot.

Social Platforms as Skills Indicators

IT innovations give numerous perspectives to the HR sphere. High-tech tools help to optimize the costs of funds spent on the search for candidates as well as to meet the deadlines set by the management.

Nowadays a tiny percentage of recruiters pay attention to “old-fashioned” CVs. According to the latest investigations, only 2% of companies worldwide pay attention exclusively to standard CVs. The most “expensive” corporations, such as Google and Amazon, find Instagram and Facebook profiles to be the perfect tools to get the full picture of target candidates.

Your Insta profile, in most cases, is more informative than a CV. So, the cooperation of social profiles and matching opens enormous opportunities to find the best candidates.

During various workshops most coaches highlight the ability of a potential candidate to “filter” what they post on social profiles, since that content either “saves” or “kills” the first impression of a recruiter who views a candidate’s profile.

You may have an ideal CV, but if your Insta line looks like “a rubbish bin”, be ready to lose the opportunity to get the job offer of your dream.

In the digital era, recruiters want candidates to look “digital” as well.

So, if you are looking for a job nowadays, pay attention to the info in this post and, if necessary, log in to your profile and make the “appropriate” modifications.