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UK business failing to realise potential of social media for recruitment

Communications agency Southerly Communications and leading HR transformation consultancy Veran Performance have produced a report with onepoll into the unrealised potential of direct recruitment marketing on firms in the United Kingdom.

This important report maps the progress made by HR Talent Acquisition teams in using marketing techniques to attract new candidates to their business.

This important report maps the progress made by HR Talent Acquisition departments to make use of new Social Media technology in their marketing of their firm to new candidates.

It shows that although progress has been made, that there is still much to do and the potential of social media to transform the costs of recruitment and the quality of hires has not been fully tapped.

Despite wide recognition that Social Media marketing has the greatest potential to transform the costs of recruitment the report finds that although progress has been made, that there is still much that is undone:

  • 37% of companies do not have a dedicated careers page
  • 20% do not use any form of social media at all when recruiting

And when we look at the penetration of the most popular social media tools we see that take up is poor across the board

  • LinkedIn – 73%
  • Twitter – 51%
  • Facebook – 67%
  • Instagram – 18%
  • Snapchat – 4%

It seems clear that UK businesses are failing to make significant inroads in the £10Billion of external sped with recruiters and are not taking full advantage of the new social media and marketing tools to drive value in their businesses.

We estimate that the potential overall prize for UK Businesses is over 2.5Bn and that this could easily be saved by UK Plc.

Veran Performance, the UK’s leading HR transformation consultancy aims to run this report annually with Southerly, to document the progress of HR teams over the next crucial years. 

The launch of this report also market​s the launch of Veran and Southerly’s new jointly offered Service: rapidly benchmark and review a businesses’ Talent Acquisition progress to create the business case for using marketing techniques for in-house recruitment.

This service will enable in-house recruitment teams to:

  • Rapidly benchmark their social media talent acquisition progress and strategy
  • Make practical and clear suggestions to fill any gaps or opportunities
  • Outline the potential prize (both savings and benefits) that further use of social media will bring
  • Review the tools currently used and make the business case for those that should be used instead.
  • Scope and justify the other techniques that will drive greater recruitment efficiency in recruitment teams.