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Reports by jobs.ac.uk reveals the latest recruitment developments

jobs.ac.uk, the leading global jobs board for academic, research and science careers published an in-depth study to provide a greater insight into the latest recruitment trends for higher education institutions, jobseekers and careers advisors.

The Talent Trends reports utilise data from 53,000+ job adverts placed on jobs.ac.uk by UK and Irish higher education institutions. The reports cover a wide range of roles across Academic, Research & Teaching, PhD & Masters, Technical, Craft & Manual, and Clerical, Professional & Management categories.

The reports enable recruitment teams in particular to plan for the future, benchmark salaries, and assess when it’s best to advertise and how long for.

To meet ambitious visions for the future, many institutions put attracting the best people at the heart of their strategy as the world of higher education recruitment grows increasingly competitive. Although there is greater demand for top talent, the reports’ findings present opportunities that higher education providers can use to their advantage.

Key findings

  • 48% of opportunities advertised were for academics, researchers & teachers.
  • 4,393 single project or single funded PhD opportunities were advertised on jobs.ac.uk in 2015, accounting for 88% of PhD adverts placed on jobs.ac.uk in 2015.
  • Compared to academic opportunities, professional and managerial opportunities were more likely to be permanent (66%) and full time (91%).
  • Reader roles offered the most stability within academic roles with 96% offered on permanent contracts and 98% on a full-time basis.
  • Clerical roles offer more flexibility with 22% offered on a part-time basis.
  • Technical roles tend to be offered on a full-time basis (88%) but on average, craft and manual roles tend to offer lower salaries than technical roles.

The reports also reveal that academic roles are becoming less permanent, down to 40% in 2015 from a 46% high. Professional & Managerial jobs have a higher apply rate than for academic roles, and Craft & Manual jobs are a mix of full-time (62%) and part-time (38%). 

You can see the full results by downloading the free jobs.ac.uk 2016 Talent Trends reports here:

·       Academic, Research & Teaching talent trends report

·       PhD & Masters talent trends report

·       Technical, Craft & Manual talent trends report

·       Clerical, Professional & Management talent trends report