Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Britainís ëScroogeí Bosses Cancel Christmas

Online job board reveal new statistics that indicate over half of UK workplaces have sacrificed the most cherished of office traditions, the Christmas Party

A new survey of over 2000 employees has revealed that over 55% of UK workplaces have sacrificed the official office Christmas party this year due to the recession.
The survey also showed that 42% of the offices that are proceeding with their Christmas party have had to make significant cuts to budget due to the recession. It seems that the swanky restaurant has been substituted for the office meeting room, the elaborate canapés now a humble cocktail sausage.
These low cost festivities seem to sit well with the workforce however. Employees have a fondness of the traditional Christmas party and do not want to sacrifice it due to budget constraints. This is shown by the 64% of people surveyed responding positively to budget Christmas parties. Perhaps this is due to the 43% of employees who admitted to their boss having embarrassed themselves at their previous functions.
Corinne Hutchinson, Marketing Manager of said:
“It’s unfortunate that so many companies and organisations have had to forgo their Christmas parties as it provides a welcome release at the end of what has been a very testing year. For the slight minority that will be continuing with Christmas plans it seems cut-backs are the general consensus. Firms are finding ways in which to celebrate with restricted food, drink and venue budgets, but celebrate nonetheless. Perhaps next year under the office tree will look slightly more occupied, but for now the UK workplace seems to be happy just to have a tree.”
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