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A third of employers now offer flexible working schemes

New research from Monster.co.uk has revealed that a third of employers (33%) now offer flexible working schemes. However despite ongoing discussions around the importance of companies implementing a flexible working scheme by organisations such as Acas, nearly half (46%) of employers still do not have one in place at all.

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Andy Sumner, Managing Director for Monster UK & Ireland, commented; “The need for employers to have a flexible working scheme is more important now than it has ever been. Flexible working has many advantages over traditional office hours and employers must ensure that they’re communicating these advantages to their employees and having an open and honest discussion about ways it can benefit both parties.

Flexible working schemes allow employees to develop a good work-life balance and can help to make the most of today’s diverse workforce. They can enhance job satisfaction, productivity and create a much less stressed workforce allowing employers to get the most out of staff.”

Monster poll results: April 2016

Does your current employer offer a flexible working scheme?

% of votes

# of votes

Yes, for all employees



Yes, but only for more senior employees



No, we don’t have a flexible working scheme in place



I don’t know