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24 per cent of UK workers looking to part ways with their employer

Job satisfaction has fallen to a two year low

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A joint study from CIPD and Halogen Software has revealed that almost a quarter of workers are currently looking for a new employer, due to being dissatisfied with their current one[1]. The survey spoke with 2,000 UK workers, across all sectors, finding that job satisfaction had fallen from +48 to +40 in the first quarter of 2016.

Farida Gibbs, CEO and Founder of Gibbs S3, one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK, comments: “Employee retention is essential for continual growth: the relationships and company knowledge that people develop over time should not be underestimated. But the process of employee retention process at the beginning of a candidate search. Experts within the staffing industry can help companies to make the right decisions for the long-term. Everyone understands that company fit is a key part of the employee-employer relationship, and looking for suitable candidates that will thrive in a specific environment is vital. This is why the relationship between a business and its workforce solutions company needs to be more of a partnership, rather than just supply and demand.

“Having a balanced workforce, with some contractors, some permanent and some consultancy personnel helps to safeguard against the impact of losing key employees. This spreads out the expertise to ensure that businesses can continue growing. It is unfortunate and can often be frustrating for businesses to lose valuable employees, but having strategies in place to minimise the effect of this is crucial for decision makers.”



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