Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Carerix and Textkernel strengthen partnership to optimise search for talent

Carerix, supplier of recruitment and outsourcing solutions for in-house and recruitment agencies, has reinforced its long-term partnership with technology partner Textkernel.

The integration with CV parsing and semantic search has been around for a few years. Collaboration in these (product) areas is being further intensified and expanded with Jobfeed, Textkernel’s big data tool for the labour market. Semantic matching will be added in the near future.

Use Textkernel Search! to find the best talent

Semantic search – find what you are looking for, not only what you type – helps recruiters to quickly find the right talent. Search! (which enables semantic search in your regular Carerix environment) understands what recruiters are looking for and adds synonyms and related terms to the search query. This increases the likelihood of finding the best talent for a vacancy. The results are transparent and recruiters are able to retain control. Want to know how Search! works? Check out the Webinar.

Jobfeed; from Big Data to valuable actionable information

Jobfeed collects and categorises all vacancies found on the internet and makes it searchable. This data has been integrated into Carerix in a user-friendly manner, which means talent in the database can be placed faster and easier. In addition, Jobfeed is an excellent tool for gaining an insight into trends in the labour market, the recruitment needs of potential customers and the recruitment activities of customers and competitors. Semantic search and access to big data about the online vacancy market helps to further automate the recruitment process. This makes it even easier for Carerix users to find and place suitable talent and respond to specific customer needs.

Reinald Snik, CEO Carerix: “We are pleased to further enhance our partnership with Textkernel. CV parsing, semantic search and Jobfeed add extra value to the existing Carerix environment. This will help our customers to make the most of their Carerix database, gain an even better insight into opportunities in the market and respond even faster to customer needs.”

Gerard Mulder, CCO Textkernel: “We see Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming increasingly important in the recruitment sector. Our tooling, which is based on AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, helps recruiters and HR professionals to work more efficiently. This leaves more time for doing what recruiters do best: conversing with talented individuals. Carerix and Textkernel benefit one another on this front. Therefore we are pleased to have cemented this effective long-term partnership.”