Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

BMI Healthcare Partners with MidlandHR to roll out Business Analytics solutions across 59 UK Hospitals and Clinics

BMI Healthcare has recently selected MidlandHR to implement Business Objects (BO) BI4 Edge on top of their existing HR system.

The leading provider of talent management, HR, payroll and business analytics will be supporting BMI Healthcare’s 15,000 workers in deploying and hosting Business Objects Edge, to allow them to securely collaborate and share sensitive pay information across the organisation.

The largest independent provider of private healthcare in the UK, BMI needed a way to let each of its hospitals check its own payroll data each month, prior to the final payroll run. David Orton, Payroll Systems & Reporting Manager, BMI Healthcare explains: “With 59 hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide, we needed a way to give each hospital access to the very latest, up-to-date payroll information each month, in order for them to check that the pay going through was correct, and still have enough time to rectify any errors before committing to the final pay run.”

In order to achieve this objective BMI Healthcare have created a suite of reports accessible to a range of users, including a ‘Departmental Costs Report’. This report shows all payments being processed for the next pay run and provides each hospital with the ability to check that the payments going through for each  worker are correct. This increases the financial control and reduces the risk of any over/under payments from occurring by highlighting any starters and leavers have not been missed during any given timeframe.

Commenting on the benefits of BO Edge, Nick Felton, Director of Analytics, MidlandHR, explains: “We are delighted that BMI Healthcare has chosen to implement one of our Analytics solutions. Edge helps businesses maximise operational efficiency and measure organisational performance. The software’s concurrent user licence model grants self-service access to multiple users across the business in a cost effective manner, providing individuals with access to a core set of BI tools, metrics, dashboards and data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, including from mobile devices. This allows organisations to align actions, assign goals, track key performance indicators, and critically, make informed decisions quickly and accurately based on real time insight to essential data.”