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Why Use a Reputable Recruiter in your Job Search?

Written by Kim Grove, employersjobs.com

Written by Kim Grove, employersjobs.com

In light of recent debates around whether or not the average recruiter does in fact deliver the services many of them attest to, here at EmployersJobs.com we wanted to set the record straight. As insiders in the recruitment business and with many years of experience under our belts, we do acknowledge that there are reputable recruiters out there who offer a valuable service to employers and candidates alike.

EmployersJobs.com chooses to work with those distinguished recruiters who we trust have a proven track record of providing a credible, valued, and specialised recruitment service in their sector. These recruiters are not your run-of-the-mill kind, but instead come out tops because of their industry expertise, good relationships with hiring managers, and the careful attention they give to the candidate experience.

Of course there are less than transparent recruiters out there who unfortunately give the rest a bad reputation, failing to give candidates feedback, lacking integrity, not understanding job descriptions, and frankly making the term “trusted recruiter” an oxymoron.

We understand the fears people have in approaching these types of recruiters, which is why we place the utmost importance on partnering with those who are experienced specialists, have pride in what they do and deliver on their promises.

To use a fitting metaphor, “One bad experience from a restaurant won’t stop you eating, you will just eat at a better one.” Our sentiments exactly.

Provided that recruiters do tick all the right boxes, they can be of enormous benefit to you:

  • Effective recruiters will have direct contact with hiring managers and would’ve invested time and effort in building relationships with them.
  • A specialist recruiter that has been working in their field for many years will know the job description inside out, and will be able to tell applicants which points to focus on. Also, a specialist recruiter would often have worked in the industry themselves, giving them added insights to advise you.
  • If you do not get hired for a position you’ve applied for, a professional recruiter will give you the adequate feedback you deserve.
  • Should you be shortlisted as a candidate for the interview, an experienced recruiter will be knowledgeable about the correct interview etiquette, and can give you advice on how to prepare sufficiently.
  • A recruiter with ample expertise in your industry will help you tweak your CV in just the right way in order to highlight the skillsets prospective employers are looking for. Again, this ties in with their understanding of the job description at hand, and their experience will dictate this.

So, why use a reputable recruiter in your job search? The issue that stands out from this debate is that specialisation separates top recruiters from average ones. Those with credibility, expertise and established industry connections can help job seekers advance their job search and ultimately make insightful matches between employers and candidates.

Written by Kim Grove, employersjobs.com