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UK Productivity grows by 0.3% in Q4, 2016: Comment from Robert Half

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director at Robert Half

“Businesses in the UK can breathe a small sigh of relief as workplace productivity shows signs of improvement. Despite a 0.3% rise in productivity in Q4, far more can be done to drive efficiency further and assist businesses to reap the benefits. The main cause of workplace inertia, is staff feeling disengaged and demotivated.

Employees who are burned out or frustrated are far less productive, unlike their engaged and happy colleagues who are much more loyal, committed and healthy. This, in turn, has a direct impact on the bottom line. Companies are increasingly recognising the positive impact a motivated workforce can have on their business. With the January blues often taking its toll on staff enthusiasm and happiness, the beginning of the year should provide an opportunity for businesses to re-engage with their employees and re-evaluate the benefits, support and training they provide.”

Recruitment also plays a role in establishing employee engagement and productivity from the offset. Hiring employees with the right cultural fit allows them to acclimatise with with greater ease, make substantive contributions faster and not disrupt company morale.