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Totaljobs Director comment on BBC Annual Report

Matthew Harradine, Director, totaljobs

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The revelation this week that there is a significant gender pay disparity amongst the BBC’s leading talent is a sad reflection of a wider, societal issue.

Ahead of the introduction of gender pay gap reporting, research from totaljobs discovered that one third of employers (32%) weren’t reviewing salaries across gender to safeguard against discrimination. The research also found that salary information across roles and genders was not available among 58% of employers and that 82% of employers were not reviewing their gender equality/equal pay policy.

Since its introduction we hope things have improved, but it’s clear that there could be further revelations to come as more companies publish their data. In the meantime,  it’s still shocking that such a large, high-profile, publicly funded employer has such disparities in what it pays male and female employees performing largely similar roles, but we hope that the transparency encourages change.