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REC statement in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s remarks about recruitment agencies

Responding to remarks made today by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in which he accused recruitment agencies of bringing EU workers into the UK at the expense of British born workers, Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) Chief Executive Kevin Green says:

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“Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to re-imagine himself as the UK’s Donald Trump appears to include the original’s loose relationship with the truth.

“All jobs must be advertised in the UK and in English – that is the law. Discrimination on the basis of nationality is prohibited and no recruiter is keeping job opportunities from local people - that simply isn’t happening.

“Recruitment agencies are the engine that drives the UK economy, helping hundreds of thousands of people find new permanent jobs every year and placing over a million people into temporary or contract assignments every day.

“The UK economy needs people from overseas as we don’t have enough British-born workers to fill the jobs currently available. Jeremy Corbyn concedes the NHS relies on foreign staff, but sounds as if he wants to discriminate against EU workers coming to the UK to work in other industries like construction, food manufacturing and retail. There’s no logic to his position which arbitrarily favours some sectors over others when British people all need healthcare, homes and affordable food on the table. Hard working immigrants support our economy to grow, they don’t undercut it.”