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PWC report: UK losing out over failure to employ more over-55s - comment from CoreHR

Dean Forbes, CEO of CoreHR commented:

“The UK is enjoying a record high employment rate, yet still lagging behind when it comes to productivity. Our recent Smart Talent Expects report shed some light on the reasons behind this disparity, revealing that many businesses are failing to unleash the full potential of their most driven, ambitious employees – their smart talent. This slipup is compounded by today’s news that the UK is failing to get the best out of workers over 55.

“The issue here is that too many organisations make assumptions, and decisions, about employees or candidates based on outdated cultural norms and established practices. Today’s businesses might on-board a millennial to solve organisation’s digital silos or hire an experienced executive to repeat past successes. While that might be an obvious approach, these safe options prevent businesses identifying someone who can drive real organisational change.

“It is time to abandon biased decision-making and focus on identifying and retaining employees that will truly guide the business to new heights. It is about working strategically and with the right tools to identify those that stand out with their drive, attitude and unique contribution to the business.”