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Productivity Day 2016: Comment from NGA HR

Ian Dowd, Marketing Director at NGA HR:

Behind the headlines of stable economic growth, low inflation and rising employment levels, there is a productivity crisis clearly evident in UK workplaces.  Raising the level of productivity is a priority challenge for the Government and business leaders because it holds the key to higher levels of economic growth and prosperity for all. Yet to get more “output” from each and every employee, many of whom already feel at full stretch, is a difficult challenge.

"HR professionals are in a unique position to make a difference to this debate, yet too few connect the excellent people management practices they deliver at a micro-level to the bigger economic policy challenge of productivity. Yet collectively, the HR profession has far more influence than it appreciates in this debate and, crucially, can be a critical influence in the way greater productivity is understood, discussed and delivered in the workplace.”

How to balance productivity and efficiencies so it doesn’t compromise on workers work/life balance?

"Increased levels of productivity and efficiency can lead to a better work life balance.  If tasks or processes can be done more efficiently or more productively, it frees up time that can be spent in more value adding tasks, increasing output further.   Or giving time back.  Where customers have been able to automate large parts of a previously manual process or even certain tasks within a process,  we have seen them reap the productivity gains.  Increased employee engagement and having the right skills in place can also increase productivity as employees who are engaged, strategically aligned and have the required skills set are productive than those who don’t."

What is your key success mantra for boosting productivity at NGA HR?

"Making NGA a great place to work is our mantra.  We then have five core values of innovation, speed, excellence, one team and responsibility.  Blending talented and qualified people with the appropriate use of technology gives us the ability to provide great customer service and we put the customer at the heart of everything we do."