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Post-Brexit EU settlement scheme comes with a number of obstacles

Please see comment below by Karendeep Kaur, Senior Immigration Consultant at Migrate UK immigration law firm, in reaction to the EU Settlement scheme which from today is in the third phase of testing and is now open to EU citizens living in the UK to apply for the new “post-Brexit” settled status. Migrate UK is a law firm specialising solely in immigration law for organisations and individuals.

“The new EU registration scheme allows for EU nationals to apply for settled/pre-settled status before the scheme goes live to all EU nationals on 29th March 2019. The most important thing to note is that this will NOT backdate settled status as per the current EEA Permanent Residence rules.

“The benefit of this scheme is that it allows employers and HR professionals to apply early with their workers and spread a sense of security throughout their organisation that they are making steps towards securing a future for them and their family members.

“However, this comes with a number of obstacles. Firstly, each applicant must hold a valid passport, and with many EU nationals relying solely on their National ID cards, this would restrict them in applying. Secondly, to start the application process, the migrant must download the Home Office app from Google Play Store or find a location (there are 13 locations) where an Android phone can be used. Lastly, with there being a huge number of applicants looking to apply, as stated in previous months, it is more than likely that the system will fall over when attempting to process the millions of applications which will undoubtedly be flooding in. However, this is one of the aims of the public test phase to combat any issues with the system prior to the nationwide launch in March 2019.”