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Pimlico Plumbers Gig Economy Ruling - Industry Comment

Following the news of this morning’s Pimlico Plumbers ruling, comment from Chris McCullough, CEO and co-founder at Rotageek.

"The nature of work is changing across the UK, with roughly 2.8 million people estimated to have worked in the gig economy over the last year. It’s clear many people value the positive aspects of the gig economy, with more control and flexibility over their working lives, yet legislation has still not caught up.

“The gig economy can work for both sides, workers and businesses, but right now there is mismatch between employer and employee rights, with no clear responsibilities for either party. Today’s Pimlico Plumbers ruling adds little clarity for employers. We need to see legislation that strikes a balance between regulation and freedom to innovate.

“In the meantime, businesses should protectively examine their own policies. Can workers take ownership over their employment without having to weigh-up job security and flexibility? If not, maybe those policies need updating.

“When employers fail to demonstrate they value their workers, it’s highly likely the most talented workers will want to switch to ‘fairer’ employers. If businesses want to attract and retain the best workers, they need to get out in front now. By thinking more holistically about staff, and being more imaginative in their use of technology to empower employees, businesses will be better placed to benefit from the changing desires of their talent pool.”