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ONS commentary from totaljobs

John Salt, Group Sales Director, totaljobs:

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“While it is of course encouraging to see that unemployment has fallen to 5.1%, we need to recognise the importance of matching suitable candidates to positions based on their experience and aspirations.

In totaljobs’ Employers Insight Report, published earlier this month, 68% of 100 businesses surveyed said they felt the job market is more candidate-led than in the last five years.  This is reflected in jobseekers being more selective about their next move.  Indeed, of the 4,000 jobseekers surveyed for the report, 65% said it has been more difficult to get a job compared to the last time they were looking for a new role.

This isn’t to detract from the news coming out of the ONS findings, but to acknowledge that we should be utilising the wealth of talents available to the job market.”