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NHS Employers responds to NAO report on managing clinical workforce supply

In response to the NAO report on managing clinical workforce supply, Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive, NHS Employers said:

“Today’s NAO report is a helpful analysis of the challenges that employers across the country are facing. Attracting and retaining the best staff is important for the NHS, and we need to get it right to build a sustainable workforce. Work is already happening  with our recent survey showing that over 99 per cent of providers recognised the need to invest and retain their nursing workforce.

“We need to move away from a model of short-term fixes through agency staff to investing in attracting the best talent to work in the NHS – both from within and outside of the EU. Many NHS Trusts are currently facing a stifling shortage of nurses so we continue to lobby for nurses to be added to the shortage occupation list so that NHS Trusts can ensure safe staffing for patients.”