Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

New Year, New Job - Now is the time for UK Jobseekers

Now is the time for workers to apply for a new job, as we are currently in a candidate’s market due to the skills gap and the country is nearing full employment.

By Martin Talbot, Director at Totaljobs:

“Those who decided to find a new job as their new year’s resolution are in luck this year. With the UK nearing full employment, employers are having to fight harder to find the best talent and are willing to offer more advantageous packages to make this happen. Those in the market for a new job should make the most of this. The obvious negotiating point is salary, but other perks shouldn’t be discarded, such as flexible working options, workplace fitness classes or benefits such as pensions and health insurance. However, this doesn’t mean people who aren’t looking for a job can’t benefit. As well as attracting new talent, employers will also want to retain their existing staff. Now may indeed be the time to ask for a salary review and push a little harder for that promotion employees have had their eye on.”