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Latest ONS figures: Lowest wage growth since 2014

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director, Robert Half comment

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Robert Half

“Falling unemployment is further evidence of a robust labour market and improving economy. With unemployment at its lowest level since 1975, the war for talent will continue to challenge businesses. More must be done to ensure we continue to develop and ensure skills remain relevant on the global stage.

“If UK employers can simultaneously engage employees and motivate them to diversify skill sets, the business community will benefit but so too will the economy as a whole.”

“As employees continue to seek our purposeful roles and job satisfaction, employers will need to do more to attract and retain top performers to their business. In recent research from Robert Half, employees who say the work they do is worthwhile are 3.2 times more likely to be happy in their jobs, than those who ‘just work’. When looking at where improvements can be made, maximizing employee engagement and productivity of the labour market will benefit the economy as a whole.”