Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Jobs threat from automation is overdone - response from CWJobs

Dominic Harvey, Director at CWJobs:

The threat of automation to the UK jobs market is a hot topic that’s always on the tip of the nation’s tongues. Despite the fear triggered by this current wave of technological advancements across AI, machine learning and big data, we need to be focusing our efforts on things that are actually within our control, rather than wasting time speculating on what might be. Taking the time to refocus, invest in IT and developing technology skills as early as school, will help to prepare the future workforce for an automated future and ensure we’re not still having the same conversation in the next couple of decades. We do not yet know what the threat to jobs will be but I believe we should view it as a challenge and opportunity to release a workforce to think about new heights and possibilities. What we can be sure of is that building our tech capability from the bottom up is an excellent form of preparation for the unknown and will ensure we’re closing the skills gap that is plaguing the UK economy.”