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Gig economy and workers rights - comment from Dean Forbes, Chief Executive Officer at CoreHR

What does this mean for businesses? Dean Forbes, Chief Executive Officer at CoreHR, offers his thoughts below

The move by the UK government to provide more clarity for businesses over gig economy workers’ rights is certainly welcome news. However, the challenge for many organisations now will be just how quickly they can act on these promises and prepare for the legislation when it comes to pass.

The rapid growth of this sector suggests employing on-demand workers is the future of work, but the gig economy will only work for everyone if firms prioritise planning how to manage this change. Adopting agile business models that enable them to quickly and effectively bring gig economy workers onboard will be crucial to this. By being able to start adding value almost instantly it’s a win-win. Businesses will benefit from the ability to quickly scale their workforce to meet demand while workers can benefit from being treated equally to their full-time counterparts.