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Future UK tech sector following Brexit - Comment from Futurestep

Comment from: Phil Coulter, EMEA Global Technology Market Leader, Futurestep

There’s no doubt that we’re all operating in uncharted waters, managing the knowns and the unknowns as we navigate our way through times of political uncertainty. The UK market is always highly competitive when it comes to talent, particularly in the technology space.

“While the situation is challenging, businesses can do more when it comes to managing, attracting and retaining talent. We’ve already seen a move in this direction, but more can still be done to plan strategically with hires and move away from a more transactional, short-term approaches to talent acquisition. There’s also an opportunity to widen the net when it comes to unearthing quality hires – again, progress has been made here, but there is still more that can be done through apprenticeships and graduate schemes to attract the right people early on and to train them up with the right skills.”