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Eradicating the gender pay gap starts at home for UK businesses (Comment)

Ian Dowd, Director at NGA Human Resources, believes that, while legislation needs to support efforts to eradicate the gender pay gap, fighting gender inequality ultimately starts at home for UK businesses:

"As today’s Women and Equalities Committee report highlights, the gender pay gap isn’t just about top line salary figures – looking solely at the salary differential between men and women fails to tell the whole story and could be positively misleading. To eradicate the gender pay gap, pay and perks must be personalised, providing a tailored package of salary, flexible working arrangements, holiday allowances, bonuses and pension rights according to an employee’s needs. While all of this should be supported by legislation, organisations still need to continually monitor the gender pay gap closely to ensure ongoing parity and to nurture a culture of diversity if they are to make a meaningful contribution in the fight against gender inequality."