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Does England’s goalie have the most stressful job in Britain?

Lynn Cahillane, Jobs Expert at totaljobs said:

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“Last night’s performance by the England squad is undoubtedly cause for celebration, but watching the team battle, it raised the question of how those with stressful jobs can cope. I’d argue that Jordan Pickford’s goalkeeper position is currently the least desirable job in the world following the stress of the penalty shootout, however, this is an everyday reality for many employees with highly stressful jobs. We regularly see stressful jobs top the lists from first respondents, to teachers and managers, and I’d say goalkeeper would be up there today.

“Stress is the number one hazard in the workplace, currently estimated to cost the UK economy more than £12 billion a year. Like any employer or leader, Gareth Southgate has a responsibility to his team to side-line his own stress and open up communication within the England team to address concerns as well as offer ample down time. Extra pressure at work has time and time again shown to worsen productivity and cause dissatisfaction amongst workers. Employers can learn a lot from this World Cup – constant pressure on a team is counterproductive and will only create a less productive team dragged down by stress.

“The key for employers is to help workers manage their stress levels to avoid health issues, which hurts both them and their employer.”