Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Comment: Statutory Sick Pay for individual affected by COVID-19

Jamie Mackenzie, director at Sodexo Engage, comments on the Government’s pledge today to ensure that any individual affected by the COVID-19 virus will receive Statutory Sick Pay:

"Today’s budget put huge emphasis on the impact of COVID-19 on employers and workers to ensure that they will be safeguarded. Navigating the unknown has generated widespread panic. With Statutory Sick Pay now available from day one to those who are advised to self-isolate even without symptoms, it is vital that workers avoid the ‘just get on with it’ approach and refrain from going into work if they feel unwell or risk passing illness to others.  

“Britain has long been a nation of the stiff upper lip, but this culture of stoicism and presenteeism could be dangerous if workers present to work despite poor health and accelerate the spread of disease. The take-home message from this budget is that the health of our workforce is top priority – we need to look after ourselves to ensure an only very temporary period of struggle.”