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Comment: Gender Pay Gap won't close until 2069

Ian Dowd, Director at NGA Human Resources:

“The news that the UK Gender Pay Gap will not close until 2069 is shocking, yet sadly unsurprising. The UK is currently faced with a national gender pay gap of 19 per cent, which has provoked the Government to introduce Gender Pay Gap reporting. This is a welcome first step towards greater salary transparency, despite full openness still being a long way away. However, the gender pay gap isn’t just about top line salary figures. Looking solely at the salary differential between men and women fails to tell the whole story and could be misleading, one way or another.”

“Organisations need to analyse their current position and develop longer term solutions to address gender pay inequality. Frequently the response to equal pay challenges are ‘spot fixes’, which rarely work in the longer term and often cause other problems. Organisations need to continually monitor the gender pay gap closely to ensure ongoing parity and to nurture a culture of diversity if they are to make any meaningful progress.”