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Comment from Xactly: Boys get 13% more than girls, survey finds

Tom Castley, Vice President of Xactly EMEA:

“The gender pay-gap is an ongoing battle, and this latest research from Halifax's annual pocket money survey highlights that the problem starts from an early age. Boys on average receive 13% more pocket money per week than girls, and this currently continues into working life. In London alone, women earn on average £7,000 less than their male counterparts and gain almost half of what men do in bonuses – women only receive 16% of their salary compared to 23% for men.

“This cannot continue any longer. Businesses failing to suitably reward their staff, regardless of gender, will ultimately fail to gain the most from their employees and will be limited in their success. Eradicating the gender pay gap should be a priority for every UK business. The Government’s recent announcement requiring company transparency on paid bonuses in addition to salaries is a great step forward in tackling this. Through using the right tools, businesses can track and analyse employee performance against total compensation, to highlight where gender pay gaps in the business may lie and how they can be bridged. By making a fair and accurate plan, organisations ensure that the workforce is fully engaged and enabled to drive the businesses to success.”