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Comment from Futurestep: Survey finds UK workers much less interested in salary when job hunting

Richard Shea, Managing Director EMEA Search at Futurestep:

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“The news that UK jobseekers are among the least likely to be motivated by salary - focused more on the type of work that they will be doing - highlights how companies and recruiters alike need to ensure they’re using the right strategies to attract and retain top talent. With vacancies being left unfilled due to the growing skills shortage, companies need to think about how they make themselves attractive in a time where talent is hard to find.

“In today’s economic climate, attracting a suitable and talented workforce is imperative for business growth and development. By evaluating the skills, traits and motivations of candidates against a focused talent strategy, employers can ensure new recruits will be  suited to ideal roles and provided a personalised development plan to help them progress. This not only benefits the candidates, but will allows companies to nurture and retain individuals who will drive the future of the business forward.”