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Comment: Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting

Geoff Pearce, Managing Consultant – Reward at NGA Human Resources:

“Whilst companies are getting ready to report on the gender pay gap, it has become apparent that salary inequality is an issue that affects many different groups of employees, not just women. As firms discover the benefits of a more diverse workforce on business productivity, it is important they ensure equal treatment for all employees, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexuality. Organisations need to understand that their attitude towards diversity is more than just about internal policies or procedures, it indicates what the business stands for. 

“Companies implementing policies that improve diversity and seek to address inequality show a greater commitment to providing equal opportunity for all employees. In turn, businesses are likely to benefit from a wider pool of candidates who are attracted to working at a company with such values. This is especially important at a time when companies are struggling to recruit and retain employees with the right skillset.”

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NGA HR is an expert in pay gap reporting and improving equality. The firm recently launched a report showing 29% of business leaders do not see the gender pay gap as an issue. Geoff leads on pay gap reporting at NGA HR.