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BBC Pay - industry comment from CoreHR

The BBC has just published their annual report, revealing men still dominate the best paid list.

What does this mean for HR and management? Sharon Looney, chief human resources officer at CoreHR, offers her thoughts below.

“Data often shows only half the story when it comes to whether there is an equality problem within an organisation, especially in an instance like this when only a small cross-section of the organisation is included. That said, this report does indicate the BBC has made some progress towards closing its gender pay gap. It’s also encouraging to hear acceptance from its leadership that there remains more to be done.

“We should absolutely welcome this improvement on last year’s figures, but it’s worth considering that some of this rebalance has come from men accepting lower salaries. While admirable, that concession only solidifies the mind-set that such a salary is unattainable if you're a woman.

“We need to see all organisations consider whether they’re doing enough to identify and nurture their best workers – regardless of gender or background. Doing so will encourage top female performers to rise through the ranks to rebalance gender inequality at all levels.”