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ATS Turns “Gold” All The More Precious

All You Wanted To Know About ATS

An ATS is software that helps in tracking a candidate's profile to help any firm recruit employees more efficiently. Also known as a candidate management system, it can be utilized to post employmentvacancies on a corporate website, screen resumes, and generate interview requests to potential applicants by e-mail.

The Lost Quality

Previously a lot of money was being spent on recruitment consultants for the services they provided for finding perfect candidates and filling vacancies in the firm. Companies now prefer in-house recruiters as they result in reduced agency spend. When recruitment is outsourced, it often affects the quality of hires and keeps a business from delivering excellent service quality. A significant rise is anticipated in the demand of in-house recruiters in the next 12 months as skills shortages will bite much further.

The Time Lost

It takes a lot of time for HR managers to fill the job openings. The cost of this delay turns into a burden or loss to the business.

Tech- Rec

The face of the modern day recruiting has changed with technology; from simply posting vacancies on the corporate websites to using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and mobile applications. Recruiting potential employees using social media platforms and trending job boards is continuing to expand. LinkedIn is among the most popular platforms.

HR Recruiters and managers are of the opinion that an Applicant Tracking System also makes a great tool for scanning resumes and finding perfect matches for filling vacant jobs at their firms.

Because Talent is the Epicenter

Talent is the current source of wealth creation in business firms. It is what makes organizations win or lose in the market, making entrepreneurs rich or poor. Hence, the HR recruiters and managers must hire skilled candidates.

It Is Not Only Facebook Whose “Reactions” Have Changed

Technology has changed the way candidates look for jobs. They have lots of channels including company career sites, social media, and search engine job searches. So the best talent will know its value. Furthermore, they will also know how complex the job search has become.

As the job market has become candidate-driven, the power has shifted to the candidate and in this scenario; waiting for an answer just does not work for hiring managers. Recruiters have to be imaginative and sophisticated with upgrading technology, in developing a wide variety of tactics to drive candidates into the talent funnel.

Bloom and Boom

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites have given recruiters and employers an unprecedented level of access to millions of potential applicants. These social media platforms have in turn given rise to the coining of the phrase the golden age of recruitment.

Inner Harmony

Understanding within the recruitment industry is everything. Specialist recruitment agencies are invaluable in ensuring that the Golden Age is felt by all and the specialist recruiter will become a major player as companies become wise to the highly advantageous skills they bring to the recruitment procedure.

Improved Hiring With Effective Candidate Experience

An application tracking system helps to find the perfect match for a vacant job position which improves the chances of both the business and the employee being satisfied with the outcome. This builds employment brand successfully, leads to better recognition and helps improve employee retention numbers too.

Enhanced Hiring

An ATS helps the recruiters to filter through of talent pouring in without spending extra time on manually screening candidates. It can spare about 20% of the time required for hiring! An ATS does the filtering and sorting for hiring authorities, and hence resume burden is avoided. The software scans and selects top candidates with a grading system, or even custom filters! An ATS will greatly cut down the expense and charges of posting employment promotions eventually saving money in the organization. The assets for hiring and recruitment needed within the organization are additionally lessened. When there is a cloud-based recruitment software set up in a firm, its team can work at any time and from any place. On the off chance that the firm is hiring for a position in sectors like medicine or nursing, an ATS can monitor particular considerations and challenges in the industry

Effective Candidate Experience

Also with an ATS, the applicant’s experience is enhanced.  An ATS can help the organization to set up application forms with important inquiries for each posting on the firm’s website or even via email. In this way, candidates don’t repeatedly confront the same questions during screening. ATS is mobile-friendly too.  Also, with it, the response time is accelerated.

Author Bio: Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.