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A-level results: plugging the tech skills gap, Software AG

Carol Holden, VP HR EMEA at Software AG:

“As students nervously line up today to find out their A-level results, we are reminded again about the importance of technology skills within the UK. This year saw a notable rise in students taking science and mathematics subjects. Computing also rose by 25% on last year, a positive sign for the industry.

“Young people are right to be pursuing their studies in science, maths and computing. They have truly grown up in the digital world, with unprecedented access to technologies. They are the true digital natives, and as they go on to university, they will continue to grow and develop these skills. In this age of job automation (McKinsey found that 30% of tasks in 60% of occupations could be computerised), the next generation of workers will need this training to take their natural technology abilities to the next level.

“We need to ensure they are encouraged and supported to keep the UK as a centre for innovation and technology in Europe. Businesses need to focus on plugging the existing tech skills gap and future-proof our tech leaders of the future”.