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Young people optimistic about jobs; wary of Brexit and economic instability

Two-thirds of young people are optimistic about securing employment in 2017 | UK at risk of brain-drain as 6 in 10 will seek opportunities abroad within 6 months of 2017 | Young people unfazed by Donald Trump presidendcy in terms of impact on job prosperity

The workforce of tomorrow1 is optimistic about securing jobs in 2017 and but have sign-posted their intent to leaving the UK and work abroad if they are unable to secure jobs by June 2017, finds the latest research2 from Magnet.me, the online network for young people and recruiters to discover and connect with each other.

Two-thirds (65.6%) of young people are buoyant about securing a role in the next twelve months, up from 49% when polled in January 2016. However, such green shoots come with some trepidation as the top two factors causing consternation amongst young people about securing employment are Brexit (35.5%) and economic stability (28.9%), so much that a staggering 59% said they would leave the UK to work abroad within 6 months of 2017.

Vincent Karremans, Founder of Magnet.me commented: “Despite the seismic political and economic events of 2016, young people are buoyant about the year ahead. Brexit fears have not materialised and there is air of optimism. Alarmingly, though, more than half of those polled indicated they would leave the UK in 2017 to find work abroad. With the March Brexit deadline looming, they are clearly nervous about its impact and their future in the UK.

“This sentiment is not to be understated and the UK could, over time, witness a brain drain across a number of sectors. This may well be the reactionary attitude of the modern-day workforce but Brexit is clearly a significant concern for them; infinitely more so than Donald Trump’s upcoming in auguration and presidency, which polled zero votes as a concern to securing employment in 2017”

1 The age group is defined as people aged between 18 and 22 years old

2 Results are from a Magnet.me user survey and focus groups of current students and 2016 graduates conducted during

November 2016 – January 2017. 8,746 users responded to the survey conducted online and by e-mail.