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Why teachers often give a task to write an essay?

This article tells you why teachers often give a task to write an essay?

Often such a question arises in many people. However, there is a very clear explanation why teachers give written works of this kind, namely, the simplest answer is that this genre expresses author's individuality. This is a very natural form of reflection and started the genre of the graduate school essay, for example. Its naturalness is that it directly expresses an individual reflection.

There was a certain amount of liberty, they freely combined reflections, observations, personal memories, examples and descriptions, quotations and even jokes. One might say that the writers and poets often resort to it - this is a “genre without shores.” The main thing is that there was thought, personality and a high culture of expression.

The concept of “essay’ includes a huge genre experience. While such concepts as “written essay”, “creative work” is associated with school writing works on literature. In the last decades, due to certain reasons, there is a gradual departure from the use of the notion of “written work”. Its place replaces the genre of essays in his educational variant. Of course, there are many reasons why it's difficult for a student to write an essay on their own that’s why he can buy a good essay.

Indeed, writing an essay is a prevalent form of study in modern both in the medium and in higher education. Its educational effectiveness is determined by several factors:

  • Ffirstly, the process of writing itself maximally mobilizes the intellectual capabilities of the student  because it not only makes him actively reflect on the problem which needs a written expression, but also to look for optimal forms of expression that is an important factor in mental development. The process of writing a successful college admission essay can be compared with a crucible, in which a new, more organized quality of thinking and utterance is generated at high temperatures (that is, in the stress of intellectual forces). In other words, the process of writing an essay is a rational training of high intensity.
  • Secondly, an essay, if it is devoted to the consideration of a problem, is the best way of exam because “as if on the palm” demonstrates knowledge, erudition, ability to independent thinking, the ability to express the thoughts.

The genre of the essay as a “genre without shores” is quite varied, depending on the perspective that it is considering, on the features of the subject, within which it is used. The same educational essay devoted to theoretical and literary problems, too, has its own specifics, which is determined by the well-known postulate that “theory is tested by practice.”

It is clear that a student’s essay does not claim to be a scientific discovery. It has another task, namely: in the process of the creation, there should be a profound assimilation of some important theoretical and literary position. And for this the best way is to "test the theory by practice", a check carried out by studying the material of a particular product of the functioning of a certain theoretical and literary position or even to call the affordable essay writing service. And one should not think that such a task is too narrow, that it selectively acquaints the student with some of the many provisions of theoretical and literary science. And the more deeply any one problem is assimilated, the more involved in the process of its comprehension of other issues systematically associated with it. In the future it will help with thesis paper.